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Saturday, January 16, 2010

1830's Coiffures

1830's Evening Wear

1830's Outerwear

1845 Wedding Bonnet

Constructed of cream silk tulle with bands of white crepe and imitation orange blossoms.

1837-1840 Printed Challis Dress

1828 Cotton Day Dress

Dress has a pleated bodice, raised waistline, pleated skirt made of 4 straight breadths of fabric with 2 deep flounces. All main structural seams are piped.

1827-1829 Short Sleeved Gown

1825-1830 Day Dress

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rustic Dance After a Sleigh Ride

Artist: William Sidney Mount
Date: 1830

Ringing the Pig

Artist: William Sidney Mount
Date: 1842

Raffling for the Goose

Artist: William Sidney Mount
Date: 1837

G.N. and V.A. Olenin

Artist: Karl Pavlovich Brulloff
Date: 1827

Mrs. Benjamin Onderdonk

Artist: William Sidney Mount
Date: 1830-1833

Michael Angelo and Emma Clara Peale

Artist: Rembrandt Peale
Date: 1826

Marie Francoise Oberson Corot

Artist: Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Date: 1834-1835

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Early 1820's Day Dress

Day Dress 1830

Child's Dress 1830's era

This dress has piping between the collar and ruffle, it also has 1 deep tuck and a bias strip.

1831 Baby Dress

1829 Women's Cotton Gauze Gown

Child's dress 1825-1835

Child's dress with a sprig and vine print.

1824-1826 Day Dress

This gown has 18 rows of tucks and 3 of insertion.

House Dress 1826

Hats and Hair Fashions 1828

Evening Dresses 1836

Evening and Morning Dress 1830

Day and Evening Dress 1831

Ball and Opera Dress 1827

Fashion Plate 1828

Marianne Beckett

Artist: Anna Claypoole Peale
Date: 1829

Lydia Pickering Williams

Artist: Gilbert Stuart
Date: 1824

Louis Robert as a Child

Artist: Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Date: 1840-1843

Lewis G Thompson Family

Artist: Horace Rockwell
Date: 1842-1845

Going Into Service

Artist: Richard Redgrave
Date: 1843

Children on a Balcony

Artist: August Anton Tischbein
Date: 1840

Dancing on the Barn Floor

Artist: William Sidney Mount
Date: 1831


Artist: William Sidney Mount
Date: 1836

A Domestic Affliction

Artist: Benjamin West
Date: 1831

Girl and Dog

Artist: unknown
Date: 1832